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"I have always depended on the kindness of strangers." - Blanche Dubois

Whoo hoo! Thanks for the crash pad.

I'm still convinced that the world is full of good people because I continue to be the recipient of such warm hospitality wherever I roam. Here are a couple of practical facts about me that you should know as a potential host:

  1. I'm low maintenance and can pretty much sleep anywhere, whether it's surfing a couch or camping out in the backyard.
  2. Cooking is a lifetime passion of mine so I'm always ready to lend a hand in the kitchen and I'm always eager to learn and swap recipes.
  3. I can "do" stuff, meaning that I'm real handy around the house. I've been fortunate enough in my life to have had skilled role models so there's a pretty good chance that:
    • If it's broken - I can fix it
    • If it needs building - I can build it
  4. I have coeliac disease so I don't eat anything made with wheat, rye, or barley. I don't expect the world to revolve around my dietary requirements so please do not trouble yourself on my behalf.

For cyclists interested in participating

Terrific! By all means, join in on the fun for part of the ride. I'm not operating on a set schedule but as my itinerary fills up I will have a pretty good idea of where and when I'll be. For the sign up process be sure to use the city where you would like to meet if it is somewhere other than your city of residence.

OK, I got it - Now sign me up